Founded over 120 years ago, the Ingersoll Watch Company is one of America’s oldest and most respected watch companies. For decades upon decades, Ingersoll watches have stood against the constant flow of history. When you look through the history of Ingersoll in all its glory, you will find that very few elements to these watches have changed. As was the case in 1892, Ingersoll watches offer a powerful fashion statement, combined with an attention to craftsmanship that ensures you are getting one of the most remarkable watches ever made.

Ingersoll watches appeal to both men and women for a plethora of reasons. From singular designer touches, to mechanics that utilize the finest in timepiece technology, Ingersoll continues to set the pace for many other watch companies. This is true for not only American watch manufacturers, but with watch companies all over the world. Ingersoll is a perfect choice for those who have the confidence to believe they deserve the very best.

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