Named for Danish explorer/sailor Vitus Bering, the first European to discover Alaska, Bering watches are built for durability and style. Their watches are made from some of the finest materials in the world, including the same surgical steel that is used in medical-related engineering projects. These stunningly clear, intensely precise timepieces have been impressing men and women alike for over a decade. In that amount of time, these watches have built a formidable reputation for combining elegant sophistication with the finest technology available.

Bering watches include the Classic in Polished Silver, the Classic in Polished Rose Gold, and the Titanium in Brushed Black. The consistency shared among all Bering watches is their appeal to those who want something as understated and timeless as they are. You can also be certain that watches from Bering will be built to give you decades of use. They also have the benefit of working beautifully with any ensemble you may have in mind.

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